Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials for Jackson County Physical Therapy

Here are some patient testimonials about Jackson County Physical Therapy:

Mary successfully hiking in the Swiss Alps

“JCPT has been a fantastic help to me recovering from back surgery. I cannot say enough thanks to everyone in the office for their encouragement and positive support.” -Mary Boyarsky, Medford, Or.

Tyler jumping higher than the defense to make a basket

“I broke my leg during football and didn’t think I would ever play sports again. But physical therapy got me back in two months and I still got to play half a season of basketball. Thank you to all the JCPT staff!”

Jon lifting properly

“JCPT helped me to heal my back pain more quickly than I thought possible. The training on proper lifting technique will carry over to my workouts and daily life. My posture is better as well. Thank you!” – Jon Layton

“I felt that my therapist has so much knowledge and experience that it made me feel comfortable with the parts of the pain I was encountering-it allowed me to push through and see improvement faster.”-Ginger Dolivo

“My Physical Therapist is amazing, miracle worker, very kind and took the time to explain everything very thorough….he did what no pain shots could have done. Also the front office girls were very nice and always did their best to get me in when I needed to see my physical therapist…there is not enough I can say in regards to my therapist, he is the best!”-Debra Wright

“The best part of my experience was having my PT as my guide, during which time she demonstrated extraordinary competence and patience, all greatly appreciated.”-Dee Decker.

“Extremely understanding and professional, also caring. You are the kind of people you like as friends also. Thank You!”-June Crawford

“The best was working with the therapist.”-Harvey Roth

“My PT explained my problem-excellent therapy and instruction. Took my pain away and taught me how to keep it away. Very fine office, and always courteous and helpful to me.” -Sally Telpner

“Making all the progress I made, and the people that work there are very kind and helpful.”-Clair Goodman

“I had a successful outcome, thank you so much!”-Susan Lyons

“The competence of my physical therapist was the best experience.”-John Stanton

“To my PT, thank you. I was able to hike through Bryce, Canyon Lands, and Zion because of your expert therapy and exercises. Thank you for being my PT.” -CM

“The best part of my treatment at Jackson County Physical Therapy was that my therapist was a good listener and was very knowledgeable about the course of physical therapy. He helped me regain my strength and return to my normal activities.” -Dan D.

“The staff was great, they’re so friendly and welcoming. My PT made me feel very comfortable and explained every stretch movement and exercise we did.” -Brittney S.

“I felt very confident that the treatment was going to improve my condition. I didn’t think that I would gain the strength back in my ankle, buy my therapist worked with me and gave me the confidence I needed.” -Janice T.

“The best thing about JCPT was the competence of both the front and back office staff.” -David G.

“My PT is excellent at explaining my issues and how to help myself get better. He is always optimistic, thorough in explanation and I find him to be extremely competent. I always leave Jackson County Physical Therapy with a smile, and the staff is equally professional and caring.” -Barbara F.

“At Jackson County Physical Therapy I was treated with caring and friendly staff. My Physical Therapist and the entire staff are so professional and considerate.” -Mila M.

“Everything at Jackson County Physical Therapy is good from the time I walk in the door. I am taken back right away and my PT, is the best in town! I feel involved in the process and feel my care is tailored to my individual needs and personality.” -Carrie W.

“The best part of my treatment was the friendliness of everyone who works there.” -Eileen P.

“My PT was the consummate professional. I was amazed at how much he knew about my condition and how his exercises helped me.” -Cass W.